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small component, big impact

A small component with a great effect against corona and other diseases that are transmitted by smear and droplet infection. The forearm door opener prevents the virus from being transmitted through contaminated door handles.

To open doors, you have to touch the door handle. With our forearm door opener, you can open the door without touching the handle with your hand.

The forearm door openers are fixed on the existing door handles. Installation is very easy and quick. The forearm door openers are particularly suitable for doors that are used by many people, e.g. in town halls and other public buildings, schools, kindergartens etc., but also in institutes and laboratories and of course in the private sector.

This product is intended for permanent installation and is also suitable for the period after the Corona crisis.

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That's how it works!



100% Made in Germany

Complete coverage of the visual field to protect against drops and splashes of liquid.

  • Protection against aerosols from the front and top
  • Adjustable to all head sizes
  • Developed for reusable use
  • Crystal-clear visor is easy to clean, to desinfact and to replace
  • Product can be customized (logo, color)

The visor lens is made of durable, scratch-resistant and low-fog plastic and can be replaced with simple hand movements.

CE certified according to EN 166-3 (protection against liquids), designed according to EN166: 2001.

Possible uses:

  • Suitable for all areas of public life.
  • Perfect for crafts (e.g. hairdressers), retail and food companies (e.g. bakers, butchers)


You can find the item in our Shop.

our mobile aid for protection against Corona

The HOOK is small, It fits easily and quickly in every pocket or handbag.

Door handles are among the most contaminated objects in homes, hospitals, company buildings, public buildings, old people's homes and many other facilities. Various scientific studies showed that corona viruses can be found on surfaces such as e.g. doorhandles. They survive and stay infectious for days.
The HOOKS avoid to touch doorhandles and shopping trolleys directly. Viruses (currently COVID-19) and bacteria have no chance of getting on the palm of your bare hands, so the transmission can avoid.
With the HOOK you are always on the safe side. If you use two of them, it will also possible to push shopping trolleys.

Always prepared on the way: Protect yourself from the transmission of viruses on the door handles.

You can find the item in our Shop.