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tactile tools for cooking on smooth glass hobs

- easy handling
- biodegradable
- individual production

At Sightcity 2019, IRATEC presented the HOB PROFESSIONLS, a new tactile aid for visually impaired and blind people. With the HOB PROFESSIONALS, affected people can also use glass hobs, e.g. ceramic or induction hobs, safely, easily and in a self-explanatory manner,  without outside help.

The HOB PROFESSIONALS are made here in Germany individually for the respective hob.


The HOB PROFESSIONALS TOUCH make it possible to position pots and pans precisely in the middle of the heating zones without seeing them.

The way how it works is very simple.
HOB PROFESSIONAL is placed on the counter top close to the corner of the selected hob and then pushed diagonally towards the corners of the hob edges. By lightly pressing the handle of the HOB PROFESSIONAL in the direction of the center of the hob, the template is clearly centered on the edges of the respective corner. Now the spatial position of the respective heating field on the semi-circular forks, which is located on the front of each template, can be felt precisely. The cookware can then be pushed with the other hand until the gap between the circularly curved forks of the template and the cookware feels the same everywhere. The cookware is now exactly in the middle of the heating field.
With our set you have all hotplates under control. Through recesses on he topside you can see which ist the right HOB PROFESSIONAL for the hotplate you choose.


Set of 6 parts
4 x hotplate template (vl, vr, hl, hr)
2 x additional templates for special heating zones

Price 249
includinge VAT and shipping in Germany


Set of 4 parts

4 x hotplate template (vl, vr, hl, hr)

Price 199 €
including VAT and shipping in Germany


The HOB PROFESSIONALS SWITCH are required to operate self-sufficient with glass hobs because they no longer have rotary knobs.

The aid set consists of a template and a centering piece, which enables you to position the template according to the dovetail principle. This template is also first placed on the outside on the kitchen counter top and pushed towards the edge of the control panel on the hob. The template is now positioned exactly in such a way that the sensors melted into the glass immovably in self-sufficient hobs are now exactly in the special openings of the template, through which all important further positions can be felt. Now the spatial position of the respective sensor, which is intended for the selection, control and switching of the respective cooktops, can be clearly determined and the cooktop with all functions can be controlled tactilely and safely without outside help.

With this template and the associated centering piece, the operation of self-sufficient glass hobs is no longer a problem.


Set of 2 parts:
1 x template for the control panel
1 x centering piece

Price 179 €

including VAT and shipping in Germany



We already have the data for the following hobs in our archive. Due to the lower workload, you will receive a discount of 50 € when ordering the HOB PROFESSIONALS SWITCH or HOB PROFESSIONALS TOUCH.

AEG Ceran 47095VD-MN
BAUKNECHT Induktion CHI 6640 IN
BAUKNECHT Induktion CTAI 1640 IN
BORA Induktion PURA / PURU

MIELE Ceran KM613
MIELE Induktion KM6364-1
MIELE Induktion KM6366-1
NEFF Induktion T46BD60N0
NEFF Induktion TBT5650N

ORANIER Induktion KFI9962TC
PELGRIM Induktion IK2064F / IK2084F
PICCANTE Induktion IKF30
SIEMENS Induktion ET645HN17E
SIEMENS Induktion EX877LVC1E

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Delivery contents:

  • Ceramic or induction hob, depending on customer requirements
  • Foldable kitchen worktop
  • Demo set of 4 parts
  • Solid trolley






The trolley also has space for equipment that is particularly needed at trade fairs.

Price 1249 €

including VAT und shipping in Germany


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